An Adventure for a £1? – Glorious!

Glorious Soups

Okay so you got me, it’s £1.10 a pot at Tesco at the minute, but hey we’ll let that 10 pence slide for the sake of a better title hey, (psst – you can get it here). I went for the ‘New England in Autumn’ flavour.

This little soup photography challenge came from the blogotography picnic. Now lets think about soup for second  shall we, it tends to be what you think of as some kind of mediocre dinner or not even that. It often only passes as a starter for most people, a one dimensional bowl of liquid – WELL not this soup!

My challenge was to photograph the soup which isn’t always easy as it’s a pretty flat substance, but while trying to get some good snaps I came across another challenge… to not eat some/all of it. So I confess, it took some serious restraint and when I heated it up it my stomach was practically growling from the warming aromas of the spice of cumin and the smooth gentle smell of butternut squash.

So what exactly is ‘New England in Autumn’

It’s described by Glorious! as “A light and smooth butternut squash soup with a hint of warming cumin and strolling under a colourful tree canopy.”

This was a warming, comforting soup with a bit of kick so it doesn’t become a monotonous dining experience.

To accompany it

Because i’m a massive foodie and wanted to give the pictures another dimension I stirred natural yogurt in to the soup which worked quite well.

I also had a couple of slices of Rye bread to compliment the deep flavours, because hey why not – am I the only one who physically can’t eat soup without dipping bread into it at some point?!

To focus on the earthy colours of the soup I bought some vegetable crisps which have deep autumn tones, similar to the soup. Obviously I ate those too.

The Pictures

So let’s have a look at the pictures shall we:

Yeah, I did put it by a colourful tree

Glorious New England In Autumn Soup
Glorious New England In Autumn Soup

IMG_1284IMG_1297IMG_1303 IMG_1311   IMG_1300   IMG_1276IMG_1310

I really did enjoy this soup and had half for my dinner and half for lunch the next day and it was still as tasty. And get this people it’s a SkinnyLicious soup which means it’s not too bad for you at all – half a pot is ONLY 103 calories and 1 of your 5 a day, yes you heard that right. I mean it wasn’t that many calories for me because I added bread and crisps – woops.

Go treat yourself to your own Glorious adventure with one of their soups from the range.



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