Long distance relationship advice

How to survive a long distance relationship

My relationship record has included 2 previous boyfriends and my current boyfriend.

I have never dated anyone in the same town as me, which isn’t a huge deal. But after going to uni and meeting someone (my current boyfriend) who lives 100 miles from my hometown, and then worked for over a year (and still does) living 200 miles away from where I worked and currently live. I think I can call myself a bit of an expert at long distance relationships.

My advice to anyone who’s thinking that it will never work is – IT WILL if you both commit and make an effort. We have been together for over 2 1/2 years, with some time living together at uni and some time when there’s over a year living apart and we’re still going strong.

Making an effort to see each other is the biggest part of keeping the relationship going, and we have driven thousands of miles over the past years to do this. And for this previous year a 4 or sometimes 5 hour journey after work has been what it’s taken.

Planning ahead is essential as it means you both know when you’ll be seeing each other next which makes things more bearable. Also it means when friends ask if you’re busy that date you know you’re not and can organise something for another time. (We both see our friends often in between seeing each other)

Talk often and let each other know how your days been, what you’ve been up to – simple things but they keep you engaged in each other lives so you don’t feel like total strangers when you meet up again.

Fill you time together with fun activities, days out etc. rather than sitting on the sofa watching Netflix (all the time). This way you get more memorable visits andddd you get to see things in parts of the country you may never have gone to. P.s. I’m not saying don’t slob out and watch Netflix because I love doing that sometimes, just not too often when you’re together. 

Dont find it weird if you want ‘me’ time, at the minute because we’ve been living apart for so long we usually only get Friday night, Saturday and some of Sunday together,  which is too short! But if we spend a week together we start to get a little tiny weeny bit sick of each other. This is only because we’ve been so used to being apart. Whereas when we live together at uni we’re much more used to it and it’s great.

When I hear people discouraging others about going ahead with a long distance relationship it’s annoys me because it completely depends on how much the couple put into the relationship.

They can and do work! Just look at us after a few years of on and off long distance living.


Even Rick Astley agrees… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ


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