5 Jackets to see you through until winter

My  jacket picks for ‘Swinter’

The Great British Weather

You could say its much like the Great British Bake off with some of the unexpected disasters and triumphs it is producing at the minute. They’re calling it ‘swinter’ because it can’t make its bloody mind up!

Although it’s probably fair to say that the British summer is slowly fading away from us. So I think we can all start preparing to batten down the hatches on our summer clothes (unless of course you are jetting off somehwere with a tropical climate – in which case congratulations you lucky things) for the rest of us we can begin to shop for autumn/ winter. Yay, I guess.

I have chosen 5 jackets (and styled them, bonus) all of which you can wear in the mythical time that is ‘British summer’ or drizzly, cold autumn/ winter.

Style 1: Denim Jacket (Topshop – £39)

Don’t be afraid to ‘double denim’ it up. Just be careful how you do it, choose slightly different shades of denim and wear them with basic layers. Like the white crop top and shoes, just adding a splash of colour with the neck-scarf or head-scarf.

05J07HMDT_large  664860_main cross-front-brogue-shoe _10633765hmprod

Ribbed Crop Top  (River Island – £7)

Cross Front Brogue (Matalan – £15)

Polka Dot Neck Scarf (Ralph Lauren – £33)

Skinny High Ankle Jeans (H&M – £20)

Outfit total: £114

Style 2: Suede Jacket (Mango – £160)

Okay so maybe this jacket is quite expensive, but it’s great! If it is too out of your budget then there are similar ones from Missguided that are around £40 (follow the link to find it). This look has gone straight back to the 70’s with suede, tassels, wild print and pretty sandals.

53093655_CG_B   hmprod2673848_main454098-74-1

Leather Sandals (H&M – £40)

Print Mini Skirt (River Island – £30)

Gold Metallic Vest (Reiss – £50)

Outfit total: £280

Style 3: Mac Coat (Miss Selfridge – £65)

They also have a very similar jacket that is sleeveless. You can find it here.

A mac is an essential piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe. You can keep warm in winter by building up layers underneath or have it as a lightweight jacket when its warmer. The tie around the middle gives great definition to your waist. For me a long coat like this i’d prefer to style with boots so it doesn’t make me look my short 5ft 5″.

00206942502H03IBLE_large MINDI-CROP-TOP-BRETON-NAVY__37015_zoomhmprod (1)    784-775-X56s

Ripped Hayden Jeans (Topshop – £42)

Turtleneck stripe crop top (Motel – £22)

Brown Ankle Boots (H&M – £25)

Suede Leather Belt (Next – £12)

Outfit Total: £166

Style 4: Gilet (Tesco – £25)

I think this Gilet looks at least twice what it costs, which is never a bad thing for us shoppers. I’ve gone for a festival chic styling with this jacket. But it would also look great over almost anything, and it provides that extra bit of warmth without covering all of your outfit up.

bt521123671614_main   673184_mainimage2xxl

Suede Slouchy Bag (River Island – £55)

Cold Shoulder Print Tunic (River Island – £24)

Lace Up Peep Toe Ankle Boots (ASOS – £45)

Outfit Total: £149

Style 5: Leather Jacket (River Island – £85)

I have 3 leather jackets because I wear them constantly, I love them with just about anything. They can add an edge to any outfit whether it’s a girly dress or a basic jeans and tee day or a night out.

I don’t really see the need to buy real leather if there is an alternative, and nowadays the ‘leather look’ jackets look good enough to be leather. This jacket is a pretty big statement in itself with the fur lining and so I styled it with a simple monochrome outfit, except for one hell of a bright accessory.

665617_main 353494710  image1xxl 5319442652601_010_d347681301

Vogue Split Side T-Shirt (New Look – £10)

Leather and Suede Fringed Duffle (River Island – £65)

Adidas Originals Los Angeles Trainers (Urban Outfitters – £65)

Black Disco Leggings (New Look – £18)

Outfit Total: £243

Hopefully the weather will stay beautiful for us for a bit longer, but you can never be too prepared.

Feel free to comment with any jackets you’ve got your eye on our have recently bought

Just remember “Winter is coming”


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