A New Chapter – University

Heading to Uni soon?

With results day looming just round the corner, I thought I would share some tips and definite no no’s with all things to do with uni; from housing, sharing your living space with complete strangers, coping with stressful deadlines and just being in a completely new place.

Having studied at uni for 2 years now and dipping in to the real world for a year with my placement, I’m excited to go back for my final year (especially to live back in the beautiful city of Brighton). I know it’s going to be much harder than i’m used to, but i’m hoping instead of staying in bed until almost the afternoon, my year of waking up at 6am should kick in and remind me how much you can actually get done in one day.


Top tips (in no particular order)

1. Give it time

My first assignment was a literature review, I remember having no clue what one of those was! I panicked (with pretty much the rest of my class) and thought I had gone in to the completely wrong thing, and I should have stuck with science. Now, thankfully I know what one is, but only due to practice. However the point is, you have to get over a few ‘firsts’ before you really get in to the course and know what you’re doing…or at least sort of.

Saying this, if you really think the course you’ve chosen isn’t for you – change! Remember you’re doing this for a good few years and it should be something you enjoy, or at least something you can tolerate for that length of time. If you ask to change before the first major assignment/ within the first weeks then most uni’s will let you change to something else.

2. Explore your city

You’re living in a completely new place (for most people) and this can be extremely daunting. But you may never live or even visit this place after you’ve finished uni. SO make the most of it, go to all those independent restaurants and shops. Attend the local festivals, explore the history and go discover!

3. Take up opportunities

One thing I wish i’d done more of at the start of first year was joining societies. I joined a few and learnt some new things from them, but I wish I had gone to more during my first year – but hey I still have one more year.

Go out and party! You’ve got to enjoy yourself, as long as you can manage your time well enough and get all your work done, then go let your hair down – you don’t want to be doing all of your assignments the night before the deadline, so try and manage your time.

4. Be patient

Living with total strangers can be tricky to say the least, of course it totally depends on who you live with, but it can be a struggle. There will be times when you don’t get on and there will be times that the mess gets too much for you. Be open with one another and tell people if they are doing something that is bothering you…or it will end up winding you up so much that one day you will just crack.

I can assure you of one thing, and that is that rotas do not work – we tried, but unfortunately they just don’t. Another thing that just doesn’t happen is trying to keep your food to yourself, at some point in time someone will ‘borrow’ your milk and maybe a biscuit orrr two.

Most importantly enjoy their company, and enjoy your time with them.

5. Home

For most people, going to university is their first time living away from home. You’ll probably miss home, whether it’s your mums special lasagne, your pet, the whole family or just everything about home. Make sure to let them know how you’re doing, i’m sure they’ll be curious of how you’re getting on. With technology now you don’t have to spend time chatting to them if you don’t want or you can go the whole way and facetime/skype them. Don’t forget some people might be struggling with home sickness so make sure you help them out if they need a little comforting.

Facetime with my parents and dog

ENJOY but WORK. You don’t want to leave with a massive debt but no degree. You want memories, but not memories of the hangovers and no recollection of the nights before them.

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P.S. If you don’t get in to the uni you desperately wanted, don’t be down about it. There are plenty of options – going to a different uni, going through clearing to find a similar course at that uni or staying back a year to make sure you can get yourself in to the university of your dreams.

Trust me, I’ve done it, I had studied chemistry, biology, maths and art for my A-levels and was determined to go in to a biology degree. I remember checking UCAS the morning of my results and I had been accepted in to only one university, I knew my grades couldn’t have been good. Turns out they weren’t, I really hadn’t worked hard enough and so I decided to stay at school for another year. I built up my grades and decided science wasn’t for me and I wanted to try my hand at something else – business and marketing. Despite never having studied business or any essay subjects I am doing just fine, so you will too.


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4 thoughts on “A New Chapter – University

  1. This is really lovely! I have just finished my bachelors but I want an entire career change and I am looking at Brighton and London for something along the digital design lines! Looking forward to your next pos 🙂


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