Let me tell you a story… a Croatian adventure

Let me take ya – to Croatia

Where did we go?

I’ve been going to this country for a few years now, and go back almost every year (because that is how much I love it there). I always dream about it from the moment I book my flights in the winter – my screensaver at work was of a Croatian beach to ease the pain. Now that I’m back I again can’t wait to go back, and to be honest with you I checked flights to go out again the day after we got back and I am considering booking them – woops.
I usually fly to Split, and stay on an Island on the Dalmatian coast called Brac, which is just under an hour boat ride from Split. Split is a lovely city with plenty of history and culture AND they’ve filmed some Game of Thrones scenes in locations around the city, which lets face it is pretty cool. In summer the city is way too hot for me to walk around too much so I opted for the tranquility of the beaches in the fishing village of Supetar, Brac. 

On my time on this epic island I tried to take some moderately decent photographs to show you the beauty of this place and to let you know what styles I went for, just in case you were wondering.

One thing that is beautiful about the beaches here is the water. It is insanely clear, so much so that you see fish swimming by your feet. 

You see local fishermen going out to fish and they come back with it all and that is what you get in their restaurants. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the food, but I promise you they can cook out there. The meat is always the best I have ever tasted and the pasta is on par with Italy standards. I need to try and re-create the lasagne I had!

Beach Style 

Of course it is completely different weather in the UK that it was out there, so I freed my legs and showed off my pale skin to the beaming sun. 


Wearing blue Rayban Wayfarers, with ASOS bikini top and Urban Outfitters Levi shorts


Me: H&M bikini, Primark sunglasses
Alex: Ralph Lauren Shorts, RayBan sunglasses

H&M bikini top & bikini bottom 

Looking out in to the distance to see that beautiful landscape of rich blue skies, mountains from the mainland, clear sea and the rich colour from the sun.

It is so peaceful there – please take me back.

You can tell by this point in the holiday I was trying out my more colourful bikinis as my skin has bronzed… a little

Now this is where I got really brave and went for white, a colour that looks notoriously good on tanned people and tends to wash me out if I wear it usually. 

H&M bikini, Zara top, Levi shorts, Havaianas flip flops

With my soulmate for a week of sun, sea and Supetar
Asos Bikini
We’ve been together now for over 2 and a half years and we met at uni. We both come from different parts of the country and it means we’re limited to when we can see each other. So being able to get away from it all for a week when its just us together is always very refreshing. We’ve been here a few time together now so it holds fond memories for us both.

Night style

Day 1 Having only reached our apartment at around 8pm, I needed to change out of my travelling clothes and chose to pop this super cute heart patterned Topshop dress on (left)
Day 2 I recycled the same sandals (which by the way are now only a FIVER from Tesco) and styled them with a Zara green and white flowery playsuit which I picked up from the sale and wore it with a vintage green bag (right)

Day 3 and I went exploring for some photo inspiration and just got caught away with snapping cute buildings, especially gates and doors. 

Top: ASOS, Skirt: ASOS, Sandals: Primark, Necklaces: H&M
As you might have noticed I love to wear flowery, colourful clothes when I’m away and steer clear of trousers if I can because I feel so comfortable in skirts, dresses and playsuits.
Day 4
Check out my last post to see the nautical skirt I styled this with
Alex: Shirt H&M, Me: Necklace H&M, Vest: ASOS

Day 5 

Well what can I say, I deserved a cocktail on the roof of a hotel that looked over the sunset, it had been a hard few days with all that tanning and relaxing. 

I styled myself in a Miss Selfridge dress, that was from the sale a couple of years ago – there’s something about coral that I think British people tend to shy away from, so this dress was a bargain. I wore it with some simple gold jewellery from Urban Outfitters. 

Day 6: Again I braved white later on in the week, this playsuit caught my eye straight away because of the bright white with the blue detailing. I bought it recently from Primark so it should still be in stores now. 

I wore it with a silver and blue arm cuff and a silver ring, both from H&M

Day 7: Firstly, please excuse my face on the photo, I really wasn’t angry, just caught off guard!
I went for a cute cream crochet dress from ASOS and wore this with my hair tied back and some gold and baby pink earrings from Topshop. My sandals for the night were basic brown sandals from Topshop (sorry for no photo)

Going home day – BOO

To be honest with you I didn’t care what the weather would be back home, I couldn’t bare to be in clothes that would make me so hot out there, and I wanted to show off my tan, after all that is what I had been working on for a week. 

I chose my favourite new H&M playsuit, because I love the pattern, it’s comfy and it’s from their conscious collection. What more could you want. The sunglasses are also from H&M but I can’t find them on their website, I bought them in store not too long ago so they should still be about. 


And then just some beautiful photos 

This place truly is amazing, it is incredibly relaxing, friendly and charming. With good food, amazing scenery, plenty to do and soaring temperatures it made for a perfect holiday destination for me and my boyfriend. I wold like to travel to more places in Croatia, I have been to a few, travelling to festivals but I want to go and visit some of their renowned national parks as these look extremely tranquil. 
If you have any Croatia travel destinations you’ve been to or want to go to, let me know as I want to check some more out.
I’m not sure I like being back home, especially after reminding myself of this, but it’s back to normality now
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