Food with fire

Summer BBQ

A BBQ is always great in England, whether the weather is good enough for it or not, us British will battle the elements and cook on that barbecue.

Luckily for us today the clouds parted (for most of the afternoon) and the sun was shining, hallelujah!

The event was organised by my sister  my sister and her now fiancé’s (YAY) birthdays. 

So I was tasked with the job of baking a birthday cake. I chose my ultimate favourite cake – lemon drizzle cake.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

I love this recipe PLUS it’s super simple, it’s pretty much an all in one sponge recipe with lemon juice and sugar drizzled over the top after its cooked.
The recipe is from Gorgeous Cakes – Annie Bell, you can get this from Amazon for under a tenner, it also has loads of other tasssssty recipes, definitely worth a purchase.




So it was a great evening with some great company and great food.


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