Cycling in the forest

Since the weather in the UK has been, well lets face it, pretty amazzzzzing. My boyfriend and I thought we’d go for a bike ride. We head to the Forest of Dean and hired some bikes, then began our 12 (yes TWELVE) mile bike ride.

So despite looking like i’m struggling to keep my eyes open. It was great fun and the outfit I chose to wear included my
Denim dungarees from ASOS   –  which unfortunately are now out of stock but, – – some alternatives from New Look and Pull & Bear 
Shirt from River Island – it’s now about 3 years old, so unfortunately I can’t give you a link for that, but there are loads on the market including this one from Topshop 

Of course I needed some relatively reasonable footwear as we were cycling, so I went for my dreamy pink Nike trainers that I got from an outlet store in Gloucester Quays
Soooo a couple of pictures of the location we cycled around / stopped for our picnic. It was beautiful and it was great fun, if not a bit hard work and well I guess it was a fun way to get some exercise, which is never a bad thing hey?

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