Tasty Tapas Selection

Firstly – a big fat sorry for not having written in ages, uni, moving house and my dissertation all came in one big go, i’m back at uni in Brighton now and things have settled down a bit.

So…. let’s talk about Tapas shall we

Tapas Recipes

I made a tapas selection, of course you can do any combination of these or just one of them or all. This was for 3 people but there was some parts left over, so all in all i’d say it will serve 4 people. I love these sorts of dinners for weekend nights because you get a little of lots of flavours.

Spanish Tapas Selection
Spanish Tapas Selection

The recipes for each tapas is below:

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An Adventure for a £1? – Glorious!

Glorious Soups

Okay so you got me, it’s £1.10 a pot at Tesco at the minute, but hey we’ll let that 10 pence slide for the sake of a better title hey, (psst – you can get it here). I went for the ‘New England in Autumn’ flavour.

This little soup photography challenge came from the blogotography picnic. Now lets think about soup for second  shall we, it tends to be what you think of as some kind of mediocre dinner or not even that. It often only passes as a starter for most people, a one dimensional bowl of liquid – WELL not this soup!

My challenge was to photograph the soup which isn’t always easy as it’s a pretty flat substance, but while trying to get some good snaps I came across another challenge… to not eat some/all of it. So I confess, it took some serious restraint and when I heated it up it my stomach was practically growling from the warming aromas of the spice of cumin and the smooth gentle smell of butternut squash.

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Courgette & Lime Cake Recipe

Courgette and limes are not something I often have in the fridge, but I’d been cooking with them and had plenty of each left. Not being one to want to waste a single crumb of food, I had to find a recipe to use them up. And what better way to use them than in a cake!

Courgette and Lime Cake (Cook with M&S)

I made this cake to take to the Blogotography picnic. I hope people enjoyed it, I know I did but then I don’t think i’ve ever turned down cake. I did promise the lovely ladies from Bone White China I would share the recipe, so here goes.

I saw this recipe on the Cook with M&S App and went ahead and made it, the full recipe is below and you can also find it here:

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It’s all rosey – August faves

My august faves are a little late due to the fact I was running around trying to find a new flat in Brighton. Anyway it’s all sorted now (hooray) and I thought i’d tell you about my favourites from August.

August Favourites


These cheap little gold gems are lovely to bring a bit of class and sparkle to your arm. They can be worn further up the arm like an arm cuff because they’re not complete circles.

They come in packs of 3 for only a few pounds – this pack also included a feather edition.

Bracelets – Primark

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Blogotography Picnic

So Friday was the first time i’d met up with any other bloggers,and it was good fun. We ended up being lucky with the weather and had a picnic on Jesus Green, Cambridge. It was pretty much me attempting to take some good photos of food in between chatting and eating all the food. I think I ended up on a sugar high after eating all of the delicious cakes.

Firstly, big thanks to Karen for organising it and Aoife for keeping our thirst quenched with some yummy cocktails (which went down way too quick so I never got a photo – woops)

The Photos

IMG_1182 IMG_1179

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Long distance relationship advice

How to survive a long distance relationship

My relationship record has included 2 previous boyfriends and my current boyfriend.

I have never dated anyone in the same town as me, which isn’t a huge deal. But after going to uni and meeting someone (my current boyfriend) who lives 100 miles from my hometown, and then worked for over a year (and still does) living 200 miles away from where I worked and currently live. I think I can call myself a bit of an expert at long distance relationships.

My advice to anyone who’s thinking that it will never work is – IT WILL if you both commit and make an effort. We have been together for over 2 1/2 years, with some time living together at uni and some time when there’s over a year living apart and we’re still going strong.

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Rewind time – 1950’s style

1950’s Styling

I decided to put my hair in curlers because I was getting fed up of how flat my hair has become (my own fault for not having it cut recently). Anyway this gave me some inspiration, so I started to style my newly curled hair in a few different ways, and of course pick an outfit to match – and below are the results and how I achieved it.



I styled my hair after a wash. Firstly I sprayed my hair with some Aussie Miracle Recharge Leave In Treatment Luscious Long then simply combed it through, as I mentioned my hair isn’t in great condition at the minute so this is just to try and make it a little softer.

Then I used some John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum while it was wet – you only need a small amount of this each time so don’t be put off by the small looking bottle. This I use to just keep my flyaway hairs under a little control.

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Girl Boss in Bargain Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans – Styled

A downside to blogging and reading other blogs is the urge to buy, Buy, BUY. And I seem to fail so hard when it comes to temptation in the form of clothes and give in allllll of the time. My latest weakness were these ASOS Maddox Parallel Jeans in Washed Black with Ripped Knee. I saw these styled by a fellow blogger, who totally looked gorgeous in, find them here on Le Fashion Blog – (awesome blog by the way)

They came the other day from my favourite guy – the ASOS delivery man

I opened them up and just wasn’t really sure about them. I thought today i’d give a go at styling them, and instantly fell in love with them.

If you haven’t already opened the link, then DO so you can see the bargain price they are being sold at.


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5 Jackets to see you through until winter

My  jacket picks for ‘Swinter’

The Great British Weather

You could say its much like the Great British Bake off with some of the unexpected disasters and triumphs it is producing at the minute. They’re calling it ‘swinter’ because it can’t make its bloody mind up!

Although it’s probably fair to say that the British summer is slowly fading away from us. So I think we can all start preparing to batten down the hatches on our summer clothes (unless of course you are jetting off somehwere with a tropical climate – in which case congratulations you lucky things) for the rest of us we can begin to shop for autumn/ winter. Yay, I guess.

I have chosen 5 jackets (and styled them, bonus) all of which you can wear in the mythical time that is ‘British summer’ or drizzly, cold autumn/ winter.

Style 1: Denim Jacket (Topshop – £39)

Don’t be afraid to ‘double denim’ it up. Just be careful how you do it, choose slightly different shades of denim and wear them with basic layers. Like the white crop top and shoes, just adding a splash of colour with the neck-scarf or head-scarf.

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A New Chapter – University

Heading to Uni soon?

With results day looming just round the corner, I thought I would share some tips and definite no no’s with all things to do with uni; from housing, sharing your living space with complete strangers, coping with stressful deadlines and just being in a completely new place.

Having studied at uni for 2 years now and dipping in to the real world for a year with my placement, I’m excited to go back for my final year (especially to live back in the beautiful city of Brighton). I know it’s going to be much harder than i’m used to, but i’m hoping instead of staying in bed until almost the afternoon, my year of waking up at 6am should kick in and remind me how much you can actually get done in one day.


Top tips (in no particular order)

1. Give it time

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